Wealth Manager

A real-time view of your investments in one place

Introducing Wealth Manager; a simple, user-friendly way for you to view and manage your investments.

  • Secure and easy to use
  • 24/7/365 access
  • A single view of all your investment holdings
  • Quick and easy access to your Wealth Manager portfolio
  • Up to the minute, user friendly valuations across your entire portfolio and tax wrappers
  • Centralised control of investment strategy across all your tax wrappers such as NISA and GIA

Our state-of-the-art investment platform is designed to deliver cutting edge investment solutions to all clients; from basic transactional needs to fully managed outcomes that take into account investor planning requirements and agreed strategies.

Our advisers will create a personal plan tailored to your needs which is reviewed and rebalanced on a quarterly basis to ensure objectives are met and performance is delivered.  You can access your investments via this website to keep fully up-to-date.  You also benefit from the security of having your investments managed by our investment team and rebalanced as and when necessary.

About our Investment Process

Our investment process starts with developing a detailed understanding of your objectives and risk tolerances. To best match these objectives, we have developed our own in house range of risk-graded investment portfolios.

Our investment proposition is supported by our investment committee that meet, formally, on a quarterly basis. All of our advisers sit on the committee which is chaired by our managing partner, Russell Bavinton. Russell has over 30 years of experience in delivering joined up investment solutions to clients.

In addition to our internal members, Wealth Analytics Limited, an external independent investment research consultancy, specialising in model portfolio solutions for the advisory market, sits on the committee as an independent external member.

Wealth Analytics provide macro-economic updates and analysis and also conducts both quantitative and qualitative research into the funds we recommend.

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