Protecting my Assets

Protecting your world for when you need it most.

How would your children and dependents survive in the event of the loss of the main breadwinner? Would this cause financial hardship for those left behind?

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None of us like to think we are vulnerable to unexpected illness or disability. However, choosing not to protect your income against these challenges is underestimating their impact. Would you have enough money to adapt your home to accommodate any disability or to cover your monthly outgoings if you were unable to work due to illness, for example?

No one knows what the future may bring.  With cut-backs in the benefits system making regular appearances in the news, planning essential if you want to protect what is important should you need long term care in or out of your home or wish to pass assets on to children or family.

You may think that all your accumulated wealth and assets will go to your loved ones and other beneficiaries you elect.  However, never underestimate the impact of Inheritance Tax – it is not just for those with a stately home anymore!

Talk to our protection specialists at WMG. Our task is to understand your goals and requirements and create a bespoke protection package to suit you.

Our services include :

  • Personal protection
  • Income protection
  • Loan Protection
  • Planning for long term care
  • Business protection
  • Inheritance tax planning

To learn more about our protection services, contact us today.

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